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Journal of the Unmazing Ant-Man!

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Phrases Game (and Movie) Writers Should Be Banned From Using Jul. 19th, 2010 @ 11:07 am
These things are embarrassing clichés that demean both writer and audience. They're cheap, lazy and uninteresting.

"Five by five."
"Stay frosty."
"Aw hell no."
"Let's do this [thing]."
"You just don't get it [do you?]"

Just for Ed Jun. 17th, 2010 @ 07:39 am
Happy now? :P

I Saw Jupiter Tonight Oct. 8th, 2008 @ 09:56 pm
Seriously. I haven't had the telescope out for ages. I was hoping to use it when my niece and nephew were visiting from NZ, but the weather wasn't cooperating.

I finally found it through the scope (it's really obvious to the naked eye) no thanks to my crappy viewfinder which was off by a good two degrees of sky or so...

I couldn't make out much detail, but it was clearly a disc and not just a spot like a star. I could see two moons close to it, and one further away on the other side. Checking my astronomy software, the two closest moons were Io and Europa, and the furthest out one was probably Callisto.

Awesome, in the true sense of the word.

Dear Channels 9 and 10 Sep. 25th, 2008 @ 11:40 am
The phrase you are looking for is "fast tracked" or possibly "fast-tracked".

What you don't want is "fastracked". This implies a rack that is fast.

Please fix your promos forthwith.

My Great Unfinished Works Jun. 30th, 2008 @ 10:57 pm
In no particular order;

  • Editing my wedding video - 20%
  • Editing Adam and Trish' wedding video - 10% (still waiting on those photos, folks!)
  • That contemporary-apocalyptic RPG idea - 20%
  • That post-apocalyptic RPG idea - 15%
  • That set of new textures for Tribes: Vengeance - ABANDONED
  • Those unfinished multiplayer maps for Tribes: Vengeance - 5 complete, 4 ABANDONED
  • The painting of the Captain Cook bridge - 20%
  • Those CDs I have so far failed to sell on eBay - 23 of 31
  • The Zom-B-Gon video project - 5%
  • My apocalyptic-montage video - 20%
  • Getting all the 4TOD material onto DVD - 5%
  • Scanning all my old photos - 20%
  • Commenting all my photos, old and new - 10%
  • That video clip for "Mandlebrot Set" - 10%
  • Repainting my Bioshock figurine - 0%
Other entries
» The Good, The Bad and The Cheap
I've had a lot of time recently to do all sorts of interesting things, but I have invested a large chunk of it in watching rented DVDs.

This is a good thing in some ways, as I've been able to finally see some classic films that I have never seen before, for example Taxi Driver and Deliverance.

But it also means that occasionally I make a bad decision at the rental shop and end up with some clangers...

» Fighting Cancer! Biff! Pow!
It's time again for the annual Relay For Life, organised by the Cancer Council of Australia to raise funds for cancer research, and awareness of cancer generally.

Anne and I will be hoofing it as part of our team of twenty, named "Pam's Party". The team will have at least one person walking the track over a period of two days. Our team did very well last year. It's an even bigger team this year, so we're expecting to do even better - but we need your help!

The whole thing is run on donations and we want your money. You can go to this site to learn more about the Relay and to make a donation.

To make a donation straight to our team, go here.

To make a donation straight to me, go here. All the cool kids are doing it!

Every little bit helps, so dig deep and give cancer a kick in the unmentionables.
» Your Excellency

His Excellency Mr Hassan Talat Nazer

Your Excellency,

I am writing to express my serious concern over the treatment of the victim in the Qatif rape case.

Charging the victim of such a horrendous crime does not serve justice. This poor woman has been assaulted in the worst possible way, and instead of offering her protection and support your government has seen fit to punish her.

Woman all over the world suffer too often from assumptions that they are somehow culpable in cases of sexual assault. Should we blame a victim of a robbery for walking at night? Or the victim of a burglary for owning a house? Similarly to these examples, charging a victim of a rape with some form of wrongdoing seems nonsensical. It is certainly unjust.

I also have great concerns about freedom of speech in your country. Anyone – man or woman – is entitled to their opinion and should be able to express it without fear of reprisal. This is especially true of government – citizens should be able to be vocally critical of their leaders and their leaders' decisions without repercussion. I believe this to be a fundamental right.

I look forward to the day when your country reforms its judicial process, and where victims of any crime can expect compassionate treatment, instead of further victimisation.



You can write a letter to the Saudi ambassador to Australia yourself at this address;

His Excellency Mr Hassan Talat Nazer
PO Box 9162
Deakin ACT 2600

Thanks to KateO for the update.

» Computers ain't idiot proof.
And now here's Andrew with a tip for those of you planning to open up your computer and prise the heat sink off the CPU so you can clean it;

» T:V maps
I've gone through the maps I've been working on for Tribes and identified the ones that are actually worth continuing to work on. As a result I've deleted four, leaving me with another four to finish. One has already been finished and released.

Even though the game is three years old and isn't played by anyone I still derive a great deal of pleasure constructing maps for it :) I should be learning how to do 3D modelling, as it would open up a whole new realm of mapping possibilities, as well as being a highly-marketable skill should I ever want to return to the games industry.
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